I don't wanna fake it but I gotta know (dani_the_girl) wrote in spooks_mi5,
I don't wanna fake it but I gotta know

Next time

Title: Next time
Fandom: Spooks
Summary: Ros needs someone to trust, Adam needs someone to be honest with. After the events of the barrier, they both decide to take advantage of the invitation.
Pairing: Adam/Ros
Rating: Err not sure. Non-graphic descriptions of sex. What does that count as?
Notes: I basically knew I would have to write this fic as soon as Adam said "Next time, trust me!" and Ros replied "Next time, don't lie to me!" in 5x10. For a while, I toyed with making it my bondage, held down fic for but I couldn't make it fit the characters and I'm glad I kept it the way I did, now.

( They break the water within seconds of each other. )
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